BENGAL Engg. College Reunion
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Bengal Engineering College

( A Deemed University )



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An appeal to the alumni

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REBECA, as is known is the Annual Reunion & Inter College Festival of B.E.College .

REBECA has always been an unique blend of intellectual and cultural periphery catering successfully to a multitude of tastes and having a congregation of people from every sphere of life .

The spectacular fusion of classical,traditional, modern,western and popular culture boasts of some truly memorable and superlative performances from artists of proven calibre and repute .

As B.E.College(D.U)goes cyber while floating its first webpage,REBECA '97 launches itself to be different in different ways manifesting the tune of Progress. The underlying concept of the festival is 'Revel With A Cause '.We wish to pledge our eyes to a reputed institution for eye donation.

Besides we want to invite some charitable institutions working for social welfare to raise their funds through voluntrary donation from us making use of the Reunion platform.

A fund for those who need financial help for emergencies like expensive medical treatment will also be set up.

Director's Residence

We will be organising a Student - Industry Meet where top level executives and eminent industrialists will exchange views with the students.

INDUSTRIAL FAIR is also on the cards in which the top notch Business Houses in the technical sector will display their state of the art technology.

Richardson Hall

REBECA has always been a cultural and technical milieu with congregation of people from different walks of life .Technical and humanitarian aspects of REBECA '97 being elucidated ,we come to the cultural side of it.The cultural extravaganza will include Robibasorie Adda , Classical, Modern, Popular songs ,Drama ,Instumentals ,Recitation .The usual competitive events will also take on much grandiose .

There will be an Invitational Debate which will feature the very best of speakers in India and abroad.

TECHNICAL SEMINAR - Top industrialists and scholars will talk about recent trends in engineering and industry .

The Alumni will stage a cultural function on their own during the Alumni Meet .

The efforts to make this years REUNION a real one , there will be instant news and views expressed in REBECA made available. For the alumni who cannot make it , a fully edited and guided video cassette will be made available on demand. B.E.College souvenir T-Shirts will also be made available.

Watch out !!

Contact : Phone: 660-456/64
A more detailed info will be made available soon.
Any querries could be directed to

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By : Tushar Banerjee & Suman Khanna
Bengal Engg. College (D.U.)
West Bengal