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B.E.College ( D.U. )
Class of '97

BEC CO97 News & Views Page

Pradyut leaves the garden city for Calcutta
Shantanu D'Gupta resigns or hasn't he ?
Demo,Manab & Starter compile list of emails
REBECA '98 to be held from 11-15th of February
Prof A.K.Dutta (Environment Engg. in CE DEPT.) is no more
Pandu's articles available here !
From Pradyut's Desk !
Greetings to a couple
Debanjan & Souvik ( Malu ) in PUNE
Is marriage that bad ?

Latest News


News related to the CO97 batch, their present address , phone no. , email etc, college campus status , and other related topics have been covered . This news will be updated on proper feedback from CO97 guys & present BEC guys. I will try my best to cross check the news but will bear no responsibility on any misinformation During college days we shared a lot between us. Jokes , comments and what not. Now that we are apart , this column will try to bring forward the recent changes in a guys/gals in terms of views expressed by friends who have met them recently. Also a host of jokes are here.