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A General


        While I present myself to the netizens in a proper way , I will give a few elementary info about myself.

        I graduated from Bengal Engineering college( Deemed University ) Shibpore, Howrah ( West Bengal ) INDIA in May '97 . I did degree in Computer Science & Technology. My interests include

  • Networking ( Protocol Drivers, Network drivers for Win NT, Winsock )
  • Windows NT/2000 internals and Win32
  • Network Management (SNMP)
  • Cluster and High Availability Solutions
  • Storage Technologies

        My hobbies include Photography, traveling, and following Cricket and Hockey. I do love to listen to music but don't have a favorite group. I listen from anything like Hindi film music to GNR. I read a lot but again I have no favorite author but really enjoy Fredrik Forsyth.

        I did my final yr. project on " Front End Tools for Databases " under guidance of Prof. A.M.Ghosh ,Dept of CS , B.E.College (D.U.). A detailed report can be obtained on request. I hope to make it on-line soon.

        My partners were Abhijit Das & Ms. Suman Khanna .

        I did my schooling in Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh . I was born on 28th day of June '75 in Asansol ( West Bengal ). Asansol is the place where most of my relatives are based.

        My father retired from Department of Atomic Energy , Govt of India in year 2000. My mother , though highly educated ( M.A. in Sociology , B.A. Honours ) decided to look after her children , my kid sister and myself. My sister Shuku is doing her MBA in Bangalore.

        I am proud to be a BEC Class Of '97 . I will be putting up a BEC CO97 Home site soon . So BEings,Watch this space ! If you are a BEC alumnus you can still watch this space for updates on REUNION etc. Meanwhile if you have not registered with the BEC alumnus mailing list maintained by Dr. Sourav Kundu ( 1990 Arch. ) you can do so by visting his site and following the links.

Send email to me at I am presently working with VERITAS Software.